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With his docile and disciplined as blue has become one of the favorite color of Europeans and French. Having been frowned upon in antiquity, yet unobtrusive, blue has established itself, slowly, without hitting. This color so long barbarian becomes divine. It stimulates the economy, is a religious issue and the debate in chains. Origin being hard to produce, he managed to climb atop the podium for the Europeans and even the West!

The red is fire and blood, love and hell. Contrary to timid blue, red, he is a proud color, power-hungry, determined to impose on all the others. Red was "Colour", the only worthy of the name to ancient times. Despite his arrogance, his past, such as blue, has not always been glorious. However, already in antiquity, is admired and he is given the attributes of power, those of religion and war: the god Mars, the Roman centurions, some priests; All are dressed in red. There was even a symbol for the Little Red Riding Hood because he is eaten by the wolf and his cape was the blood that was flowing. The bride, for the peasants, was also in red.

White is known to represent purity and innocence. It is central to the debate saying that he is not a true color; and yet, it is a color, even one of the three basic colors of the ancient system. There is another strong symbol white: That of the divine light. God, angels, His messengers, all are dressed in white. With white, we are in virginity and innocence, but curiously also in old age and wisdom, the baby and the old man.

The green hides his play. Certainly there is the chance games, destiny, fate and luck. Obviously, other than luck, it also represents wealth but also the strength. Green was the favorite color of many important people such as Newton and Mohammed or Napoleon. In our time, the green flame can free our physical or mental ailments. It restores the free flow of energy locked in the body. Green has become the flame of health, prosperity and abundance. This is a significant color some sense, especially in the field of health! Today, green is plébicité by his natural side, ecological.
Yellow, he is special! It brings together all the attributes of infamy. However, in ancient times, yellow was rather enjoyed as the Roman disdained not wear yellow during ceremonies or weddings. Yellow like men who betray, as the leaves die. Yellow was the color of Judas, and also was the yellow star that meant Jews and destined them to deportation. It represents the betrayal and lies, and it is without a doubt the least favorite color: in order of preference, it is quoted in last place after the blue, green, white and black.
The black rose mourning elegance. In yet hearses, black is however also linked to the elegance and chic. Spontaneously, we think its negative aspects: childhood fears, darkness, and death, and bereavement. But over time he managed to turn black from the authority, the judges, referees, cars. In Asia, however, mourning is worn in white, because the deceased is transformed into a body of light, a glorious body. Black is often associated with white, even from the photos in black and white. And yet, a black and white film is now more expensive than a color film!

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