Made in COLORS is very proud to have participated in the success of the memorial ceremony of the Tower of London; Beyond the Deepening Shadows. 10.000 torches were lit in the moat of the Tower of London for 8 days of remembrance for the armistice of the first world war.

This commemoration for the centenary of the end of WW1, with so many beacon at once created a very special atmosphere.

This nightly ceremonies was a magnificent installation where each candle was ceremonially lit to create a circle of lights around the Tower, starting with. A ceremonial Beefeater guard lighting the first torch. Then the flames remained lit for about 4 hours to create a really powerful river of flames with thousands

Of flames illuminating the moat, creating a stunning light. This field of flames could be visited from the moat or seen from the street and gave the opportunity

To thousands of people to admire this powerful installation. Long months of development and laboratory tests have allowed us to offer an original and exclusive product for these memorial lights.

Indeed, our original product burns longer but with smaller flames. We also had to make sure our flames resisted

Good wind and rain to guarantee the show, whatever the weather. It was also necessary to check that the combustion of 10,000 torches at the same time did not release any particular toxicity for people and the environment.

The adjustment of our formulas made it possible to pass all the tests in a positive way. The orange color has been chosen for this event as this is the brightest colored flame that we make, but we also make other colours such as green, red, yellow and some bi colours

Such as green and yellow and red and green.


We are happy and proud to be able to offer you here this unique product, symbol of the centenary of the end of World War One. We have done it for you, in limited, exclusive quantities

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